Do you know what the
Thrombosis is?

A few hours in an airplane or sitting for long periods in front of the computer without position change are enough to risk thrombosis in the deep veins. It is one of the most dangerous diseases that can happen to anyone of us. It is often sygnalisiert of no symptoms and can lead to rapid and unexpected death.

5 million people suffer each year before thrombosis in the EU countries.
As many as 500 000 among them they die.

Taking hormones drugs
such as estrogen containing
Contraceptives and composition of estrogens and derivatives
of progesterone increases the risk of thrombosis
Veins and arteries in age.

How can we protect
against thrombosis?

How can we long ago trip we have to put a comfortable, loose clothing that does not exert a pressure in the range of legs and waist, as well as provide sufficient drinks.
It is also advisable to use the wäherend travel the BLUE FEET Foot massage cushion.

The BLUE FEET pillow was invented especially for those who take long trips (by plane, bus). But it can also be used as rehabilitation aids after surgery and convalescence from healed thrombosis in legs.

The BLUE FEET Pillow is ideal for physiological stimulation of blood flow in the legs and is the only one in Europe an effective preventive against venous thrombosis.

1 Place the pillows flat, turn off the valve. 2 Adjust the feet on the pillow. 3 Press 5 minutes the pad changeable with the tough and with the heels.

The pad has received from the following institutions recommendations:
Clinic of General Surgery in Bydgoszcz hospital
Institute of Cardiovascular Intercor in Bromberg, A.R.S.Med. Diagnostics Bydgoszcz,
Central Institute of Medical Technology in Warsaw.

If you press with your feet on the BLUE FEET Pillow,
creating an air movement between the cushion chambers.
The pad was equipped with a special valve.
When turning off the valve, the air coming into their own pillow compartments.

If the feet on the air-filled chambers of the cushion
Exert pressure, the muscle pump of the calves is activated and by long
Sitting blocked circulation improves in the legs. The Aktievierung the
Muscle pump in the calves by BLUE FEET-pad
crucial for better circulation both in
common as in people with seizure disorders.

Anti-decubitus cushion for feet

BLUE FOOT MED is a new product, whose task is to prevent foot decubitus and venous thrombosis. It is the only medical product that provides a passive use in patients who need to be long-term (anti-decubitus function), and active use in circuit activating exercises (anti-thrombotic function) makes possible.



The application of this product protects against decubitus on heels where these complaints – most likely to occur – in addition to the Elenbögen and Wirbersäule. prove Many tests and tests in independent institutes that the exercises with BLUE FOOT MED effectively and permanently prevents the occurrence of blood clots and improves blood circulation in the legs. Thanks to the innovative method of the calf pump activation, the BLUE FOOT MED supports the natural function of the organism.

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